From logos to marketing materials, I’m here to help.

Logo Design – $40 USD

Allow this mark to encompass who your company is, and what it stands for. 23rdDesigns will assist in setting you apart from the rest. Turnaround for example sketches – 24 hrs.

Other Marketing Materials – $20 USD each
  • Services Tri-fold
  • Marketing Flyer
  • Branded Stickers
  • Letterhead w/ Envelope

Create long-lasting awareness with simple reminders that you are there to support your customer.

Business Card – $40 USD

Time-tested and effective, your business card is a tangible announcement of your presence, and lasts long after the handshake. Leave your best impression.

Brand Identity – $150 USD

It would be an honor to help tell your story. On approx. 8-9 pages, you will have a brand guide that sets your company’s visual standards, which will inspire your team, and build and maintain a cohesive in the mind of your customer.

Digital Illustration – Varied
  • Refined (simplistic line art) – $20 USD
  • Elaborate – Starting at $35 USD and up.

As styles vary in complexity, be assured that any illustration will effectively complement your message. These are quotes for one-time projects, please speak with me about what you have in mind, or if you desire a series of works.

Case Studies

Logo Redesign

The original logo for Labyrinth Coffee House was not the best in communicating the brand feel or intent. The overlay of the lime green…

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Relentless Rest

BLUMOON as a lifestyle brand in the area of loungewear, cements it’s ethos in a cooled but vibrant blue. The color can be spotted in the cloud imagery, your favorite pair of jeans, …

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